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Puppy Socialisation Kent

What Is Puppy Socialisation?

Socialisation is the term that is used throughout the canine community to describe puppies and dogs meeting other puppies and dogs. Dog training is a vital part of owning a puppy. Not only does puppy training allow dogs to be happy and relaxed, it also teaches obedience. K9 Kindergarten, based in Kent has worked hard to build an expert knowledge base on puppy interaction and training methods. 

K9 Kindergarten can offer you a range of services in Kent such as puppy training classes, training sessions, puppy classes and dog training sessions and also puppy socialisation, if these sound like services you would be interested in, give our trainers a call. We are more than happy to help you where we can. 

Simply put, puppy socialisation refers to the learning processes that puppies have to go through in order to feel comfortable and safe around other dogs. Offering this kind of interaction to puppies enables them to move through life feeling comfortable and respected by other dogs, by doing this with your puppy you are giving it an education that will help keep them happy and carefree when out for walks or playing.

 Teaching your puppy how to socialise and communicate with other dogs effectively ensures you have a relaxed, calm, and friendly dog. People forget sometimes when they buy a puppy that it is like a child in terms of needing to be taught how to act around others. As man's best friend, puppies learn very quickly how to act around the humans in their lives, puppy socialisation ensures they learn how to act around other puppies and dogs.


When Should I Start Socialising My Puppy?

Believe it or not but Puppy Socialisation starts as soon as the puppy is born. Here at K9 Kindergarten in Kent, we understand that puppies need to start their socialisation journey as soon as possible. Puppies’ brains grow and can take information on from a very young age so it is important to help develop it with skills and training from birth. The first 8 weeks of a puppies life is the most important time, this is when they will learn basic everyday training such as going outside for the toilet and sit/ stay. It is important that before you buy your puppy from your registered breeder, you check to make sure the correct socialisation has been done. Check out the PDSA “Puppy socialisation schedule’ here. Our team here at K9 Kindergarten in Kent believes it is so important to make sure your puppy has the best start to life and that includes puppy socialisation and training from day one.  

How To Socialise A Puppy?

Having worked in the canine training industry for many years now, K9 kindergarten has developed a vast understanding of what puppies need when it comes to socialisation. The main goal is to allow a puppy to meet other dogs or humans and for it to be a positive experience. One thing our team in Kent has learned over the years is that puppies need positive reinforcement, one negative encounter can cause a whole host of problems. The younger the puppy is the better it is to start socialisation, as they get older without proper socialisation they will become nervous and timid. Our team here at K9 Kindergarten in Kent strongly believes that puppies should by the age of 12 weeks be socialised via walks, playdates with other puppies, and socialisation with other humans, not in the family, including children. By doing this you are allowing your new puppy every opportunity to learn and accept different situations. Adults and children who are not familiar with the puppy can be very intimidating for puppies, especially children who run up to them without thinking first. By taking your puppy out for socialisation walks you can allow the puppy to learn how to deal with those situations. 

Where Is Best To Socialise A Puppy?

Our team at K9 Kindergarten have got a lot of experience in socialising puppies, we have learnt all the tips and tricks over the last number of years. Our team understands that it is exciting getting a new puppy, it is a new addition to the family. One of the first things to mention is we do not recommend putting your puppy on the ground that could be contaminated before they have their 12-week vaccinations. Below is two of the best places to socialise your puppy:

The Park - Getting your puppy used to open spaces is vital for when you decide to do recall training, a public park is a good place to start. Even better if the park has dedicated “doggy” areas, let them have a good sniff around, take in the scents and sights. Parks will offer perfect puppy socialisation for things like people, bikes, children, and playgrounds.

The Beach - The sand, water, and smells are all great things about the beach, but a dog who isn’t socialised to them when they are puppies might find this off-putting when they are older. Loud noises such as waves can make dogs uncomfortable and overly alert, meaning they become flighty. Taking your puppy to the beach for socialisation gives your puppy the chance to take in the sounds, smells and excitement of the beach.

We cannot stress enough here at K9 Kindergarten the importance of socialising your new puppy. It sets them up for a comfortable, relaxed and happy life. If you do not feel comfortable taking your puppy to a park or a beach, be sure to get in touch with us here at K9 Kindergarten in Kent, our team can help you with helping your puppy socialise and understand different sounds, noises and more. 

Get In Touch With Our Team Today

 Puppy training classes are without doubt one of the best ways to help with your dog's confidence, but we also believe in owner training as well. It is important that puppy owners feel comfortable with their own puppy, its behaviour and obedience levels, whether this is going for a walk on or off the lead, or just at home. Having fun is also an important part of offering socialisation to dogs, it gives them the understanding that things won't scare them. Behaviour in dogs is more often than not learnt. Our team here at K9 Kindergarten can offer you puppy socialisation classes, bring yourself and your dog to us for our trainers to help teach you and your dog the best ways to socialise so that you both have a relaxed and calm attitude to being out in public. Our team can offer you puppy socialisation classes in Kent as well as puppy kindergarten, where they will learn everything they need to know in order to live a happy, fuss free life. 


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