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Puppy Socialisation and services in Kent


What Is Puppy Socialisation?

Socialisation is the term that is used throughout the canine community to describe puppies learning how to become confident and cope in the outside world. Dog training is also a vital part of owning a puppy. Not only does puppy training allow dogs to be happy and relaxed, it also teaches obedience. K9 Kindergarten, based in Kent has worked hard to build an expert knowledge base on puppy interaction and training methods in a controlled environment. 

K9 Kindergarten, alongside SpiritedDog can offer you a range of services in Kent to help puppy owners, such as puppy socialisation classes, group training classes, puppy kindergarten and puppy 1:1 training, if these sound like services you would be interested in, give our trainers a call. We are more than happy to help you where we can.




Puppy Socialisation:

  • Puppy socialisation sessions - hosted by SpiritedDog

For puppies between 10 & 16 weeks of age. Our trainers will set up areas of different obstacles, textures and items for puppies to explore and start to gain confidence. We will allow short bursts of puppy play with well matched individuals and coach you on the body language of your pup and how to raise a polite and social dog.

You will also receive a puppy pack full of helpful information.

There is a maximum of 5x puppies per session and our sessions run on Sunday afternoons at 3.30pm for between 50-60mins. There will be three Sundays a month where these sessions run and they must be pre-booked. 

The sessions include the owners :)

Book directly with the trainers at


 Puppy Kindergarten

For the older puppy that has confidence to be with others and has learned to politely play. These sessions are held with the K9 carers who will supervise small groups of puppy play at K9 Kindergarten at allotted days and times. These sessions are a perfect introduction to daycare and mean you can have  rest while your pup stays and plays with us.

Book directly with the office at

Puppy training classes and 1:1's

Please visit for all information and book through the site or at

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 Puppy training classes are without doubt one of the best ways to help with your dog's confidence, but we also believe in owner training as well. It is important that puppy owners feel comfortable with their own puppy, its behaviour and obedience levels, whether this is going for a walk on or off the lead, or just at home. Having fun is also an important part of offering socialisation to dogs, it gives them the understanding that things won't scare them. Behaviour in dogs is more often than not learnt. Our team here at K9 Kindergarten can offer you puppy socialisation classes, bring yourself and your dog to us for our trainers to help teach you and your dog the best ways to socialise so that you both have a relaxed and calm attitude to being out in public. Our team can offer you puppy socialisation classes in Kent as well as puppy kindergarten, where they will learn everything they need to know in order to live a happy, fuss free life as a well rounded pet dog. Alternatively, you can find our FAQs on our website as well as information about our packages and prices. Contact us Today!