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Exercise Club

Group Off-Lead Exercise and Socialisation for the more active dog…

Doggie Exercise Club is the perfect way for your dog to play, make new friends and burn up all that excess energy while you’re at work. This popular service takes place on secure, wide-open private fields, allowing your dog to experience the joy of running free with other dogs in a safe environment. With constant supervision from our experienced staff, we do our upmost to ensure the safety of all our canine friends. To ensure compatibility, we reserve the right not to accept overly aggressive or dangerous dogs.

Our “Bark and Ride” Bus Service will pick your dog up from home, then take them for a full hour of exciting exercise and fun with his best friends. At the end, after receiving a drink and a rub down with a towel, we’ll bring your dog back home all tired, allowing you to enjoy a calm and satisfied pooch when you get back home yourself.

Long periods of time playing in groups with other like-minded play mates provides the mental, social and physical stimulation your dog needs. Well socialised dogs are less fearful and become better behaved as they grow older. Daily exercise and eating a balanced diet is the key to maintaining your dog’s health and preventing obesity.

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