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Puppy Training and Advice 

Recently welcomed a new puppy to the family that won’t stop biting? Or rescued an adolescent with some behavioural issues? Dogs are a valuable part of the family, we love them and they love us. But, occasionally, dogs may need the training to ensure they are happy and comfortable both in the home and while out and about. 

We here at Spirited Dog have a specialist in professional dog training at our fully licensed facility, providing only the very best training programmes for dogs and puppies in Kent.

What services does SpiritedDog offer?

 SpiritedDog offers:

  • Puppy home visits
  • 1:1 puppy training
  • Puppy socialization sessions
  • Socialization outings
  • Puppy training classes
  • Puppy Training Classes Kent

Providing training to your dog as a puppy is the best training option. Like humans, when dogs are young they are much easier to teach new skills as they haven’t yet learned bad habits that could hinder their training. At K9 Kindergarten, we offer a six-week course that teaches your puppy the key basic behaviours needed to fit in with your home. These include: 

  • Lead walking:  As puppy owners will tell you, the last thing an excitable puppy wants to do on a walk is walk by your side. Lead walking involves training your puppy to happily walk on a lead and not pull or try to wriggle away.
  • Recall: Recognising a cue that calls them back to you if they are off the leash, this could include calling their name, recognising a specific whistle, or training using a clicker or squeaky toy as a form of recall. 
  • Stay/Wait: Teaching your puppy to stay on command is not only a good trick to show off to friends and family, but can also be used to keep your puppy safe from distractions and allow you to retrieve toys and reattach leashes easier. It is one of the earliest forms of training that will have your puppy grow into an obedient dog and develop the skills for more obedience training in the future.
  • No Jumping Up: Dogs jumping up at strangers or guests to the home is generally seen as rude behaviour and can be overwhelming for people who aren’t comfortable around dogs, which is why this behaviour should be corrected from a young age. 


How much does dog training cost per day?

When it comes to finding dog training services or dog trainers for dog  behaviour, aggression, and obedience training, considering the price of services is an important step. At K9 Kindergarten, we ensure our trainers are qualified and take on continued professional development throughout the year. This means their skill and advise is scientifically backed up and that they are putting finances into their continued education.

A trainers pricing should reflect how much they put into their education. That being said we have a range of prices to suit any budget, with sporting 1:1's starting at just £25, private at home sessions starting at £40 and our package courses starting from as little as £60.

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Searching For Dog Training Classes Near Me? 

If you want reliable, professional dog and puppy classes in Kent, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our professional and friendly team at SpiritedDog to arrange a consultation or to get more information on the training options we provide.