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About our Trainer

Are you looking for training classes for your puppy or adult dog, or seeking expert advice for behavioural issues?

Lauren is a full member of The Institute of Modern Dog Trainers.  IMDT trainers use the most up to date science based techniques that are proven to be effective and have the dogs’ welfare at heart.

All IMDT trainers adhere to a code of conduct and you can be confident that only modern reward based methods will be recommended.

You can find all of Lauren's services on and contact her directly through the website or email

Lauren offers a range of obedience classes for all different ages, sizes, breeds, as well as sporting courses such as tracking, Scent work, Search & Rescue, Fun Gundog and Agility.

She also offers private consultations and 1to1 training sessions to work on specific behavioural problems such as aggression, separation anxiety, recall etc. Or it could be that you wish to have a lesson in one of the sporting classes with no added distractions or other dogs.

Dog Training Kent

Though we also include one-on-one training sessions, which are the part of the training where you are coached to understand your dog's behaviour, dog training classes are an excellent opportunity to develop a lasting bond with your pet and provide the most effective behaviour modification for your dog when around other people and dogs.

Our dog behaviour lessons are designed to provide you a thorough understanding of typical behavioural traits and the accompanying issues that are most frequently encountered.

They also give you the chance to socialise your dog with other dogs in the context of behavioural modification. We welcome you to read our website to learn more about the specifics of our dog training and behaviour courses, and we look forward to meeting you and your dog at our Kent location.

Puppy Training

In the convenience of your house, Spirited Dog provides one-on-one puppy training and guidance. We will address chewing, hand mouthing, nipping/biting, and concerns with the potty during this two-hour lesson.

The sit, coming back when called, body language, how to greet people without springing up, and crate training are among the many skills taught. Puppy owners always comment on how simple it is to turn a mischievous puppy into an obedient dog.

Common Puppy Issues:

  • How to settle your puppy at night
  • Crate training 
  • How to stop mouthing & biting
  • Toilet training 
  • Socialisation - what is it and how to do it properly
  • Getting used to being home alone
  • How to choose the best diet

Professional Dog Training Services

Our professional and extremely friendly dog trainer, Lauren, specialises in dog obedience training. Some dog behaviourists can be over the top but Lauren is amazing at gaining a dogs trust quickly and helping solve their behaviour problems.

During behaviour consultations, we can address any of your dogs behaviour problems your dog may be having and help him or her get through them.

One To One Dog Training Classes In Kent

We also provide one-on-one training sessions for owners of dogs who might not feel at ease in a group setting. We can address any unique problems you and your dog may be having during these sessions and we can also give you a training schedule that is specific to your dog's requirements.

A balanced dog is what you can expect after dog and puppy training from your local Kent-based dog behaviourist.

High Quality Dog Training Kent

You've found the ideal place if you're seeking reliable dog training in your area. We have worked with clients in a variety of settings, from those who live alone and have a little dog to those who own land and several dogs.

As rescue dogs settle into their new homes and environments, we also specialise in working with them. They must develop trust in their adoptive families and we are always happy to be able to do so.

We are convinced that the communication techniques we teach you will help you regain control and stop the unwanted behaviour, regardless of the problems you are having, such as aggression, barking, separation anxiety, jumping up, or a mix of those problems.

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