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Kent's first and most trusted Dog Daycare Centre

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Fun and Active Classes

Tracking & Scentwork

Teach your dog to put their nose to a trail or locate a certain scent and indicate to you that they have found it.

This is a great outlet for a natural instinct and something you can learn to do on your own too. Dogs come away from the sessions tired and content from the stimulation and owners are happy with their progress and new skills.

Always outside and always accompanied with refreshments :)




Fun Agility

We learn to use Jumps, Tunnel, A-frame and more, while incorporating, stay/wait and distance control. A social class to teach your dog obedience in a fun way and it is a really enjoyable way to spend your leisure time.

After graduating the 6 week Rookies course you can move on the the Agility Club and attend on an ad-hoc basis. 

All the fun of Agility without having to compete!


Recall Workshop

Whether your dog has no recall or is pretty good, our recall workshop shows you different techniques to advance your dog’s focus while off lead.

We explore different locations and add distractions along the way. We understand the importance of your dog being able to run and use up energy in a controlled, safe manor. So come and learn some skills and boost your own confidence with our recall workshop. 

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