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Daycare FAQs

Q.png What does my dog do all day at day care?

A.png A full day consists of walks, structured playtime with games, socialisation, some basic training and a nap time, all tailored to suit your dog’s needs.
Q.png What are the benefits for my dog?
A.png Loneliness and boredom often cause bad behaviour in dogs, from separation anxiety and barking to destructive behaviour. Spending time at K9 Kindergarten stimulates your dog both mentally and physically and helps to eradicate these behaviours.
Q.png Can I visit the day care centre and meet the staff, before sending my dog?
A.png Yes, you are most welcome to visit and see our facilities, meet our staff and see how happy the dogs are in the day care centre.
Q.png Can any dog come to day care?

A.png Only non-aggressive dogs, which have passed our assessment and temperament test.
Q.png What happens if my dog does not get on with another dog?

A.png We are extremely strict in only accepting social dogs, to ensure all of the dogs are happy in one another’s company. The majority of the time we have several social groups of dogs available, so we can switch an unhappy dog between groups if needed.

Q.png Does my dog need to be vaccinated?
A.png Yes. All dog owners will need to show their pet’s vaccination record, before they can attend day care. Vaccinations must include Kennel Cough, Distemper, Hepatitis, Parainfluenza and Parvovirus.
Q.png Do you require proof of flea and worming treatments?

A.png No, but we do recommend your dog has a regular flea and tick preventative treatment and is regularly wormed.
Q.png I have a puppy, can he come to day care?
A.png We can accept puppies from twelve weeks old, once they are vaccinated. We recommend only half days to start, to ensure they have a positive experience.
Q.png Do I need to use you every day?
A.png No, once your dog has passed the assessment, you can use the centre as often or as little as you need.

Q.png What if my dog needs a special diet or medication?
A.png We are able to cater for special needs. Each dog has its own record card to ensure that any medication and diets are administered at the correct times.

Q.png What happens to my dog, if there were an emergency?
A.png We would contact you to discuss the situation first. If urgent medical attention is required, we would take your dog to your nominated veterinary practice, or depending on the circumstances, to our designated veterinary surgeon.
Q.png Will my dog be supervised at all times?
A.png Yes your dog will be under constant supervision by our team of experienced dog carers and will never be left unattended.
Q.png Is there anywhere for my dog to relax?
A.png The day care centre has plenty of beds for them to sleep on if they wish. A snooze time is offered to all dogs during the day.

Q.png Do you provide a collection and return service for my dog?

A.png Yes, we offer a complimentary “Bark n Ride” collection and drop-off service for all day care dogs in the Canterbury, Whitstable and Herne Bay areas.

Q.png Do I need to be at home when you collect or drop off my dog?

A.png No, the majority of our clients are happy for us to hold keys for them, to enable us to collect and drop off their dog while they are not at home.
Q.png Can I trust you with the keys to my house?

A.png We are extremely careful whom we employ and all our staff have been thoroughly referenced and police checked. All keys are coded and held in a safe.
Q.png I live outside your collection area, can my dog still attend?

A.png Yes. You can drop off and collect your dog from the day care centre, or at a pre-arranged van collection point in one of the towns we collect from.