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Obedience Classes

Beginner/Puppy Class

Whether you have welcomed a new puppy into the family or have rescued a dog that may benefit from a small, social beginners obedience class. This course is packed with information fun!

We cover:

Lead walking
Automatic sit
No jumping up
Puppy classes last 6 weeks, and when it’s over you have the opportunity to reserve a space into one of our further classes. Many customers have enjoyed our classes so much that they are still with us now learning and having fun with their dogs every week!

Top Dog Course

If your dog already knows basic training, or you have completed puppy training and would like to take it further, Top Dog Class is for you. We will be taking your foundation training and building on it to get quicker and more precise behaviours!

We do this by focusing on the 3 D's:

  • Distance
  • Duration
  • Distraction

We will also be learning new skills such as Emergency Stop and Distance Control.

You get graded as much on your positive handling skills as your dog gets on achieving the exercise!



K9 MasterClass

Taking your handling skills to the next level of obedience and learning new skills in retreival, scentwork and Emergency Recall

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