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Walking FAQs

Q.png How many dogs do you walk at any one time?

A.png If you book our Standard Dog Walk, our policy is to walk no more than two dogs at any one time. If we do walk two dogs together, we make sure they are evenly matched, social and have a good temperament.

Q.png How long are your dog walks?

A.png Our Standard Dog Walk is 45 minutes long. If your dog requires a longer or shorter walk we can tailor a solo walk to your specific requirements. Our Exercise School Group Walk is up to two hours long including the pick-up and drop-off.
Q.png Where will my dog be walked?
A.png All our dog walks are carried out in woodlands, parks and private fields within your local area, where it is safe and enjoyable for your dog.
Q.png My dog is nervous around other dogs; will you still be able to walk him?

A.png Yes. If your dog is very nervous around other dogs, then we can provide a solo walk.
Q.png Can I just have occasional walks?

A.png Yes, we are happy to arrange ad-hoc walks, however you may have to be flexible with the times.

Q.png Can I meet the person who will be walking my dog?

A.png Yes, we recommend that you have an introductory meeting with your dog walker at your home to discuss your requirements, prior to walks taking place.

Q.png All my dog be walked by the same person each time?

A.png Yes. Only occasionally, when there is an illness or holiday booked, will we need to change your dog walker. We will inform you first and make sure the new walker is fully briefed on your dog’s specific requirements.