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Kent's first and most trusted Dog Daycare Centre

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Cats and Puppy Visits

Let K9 Kindergarten take care when you’re not there…..

Puppies need a regular routine to learn and adapt to household life quickly. They require several small meals a day, and lots of toilet trips! We can visit your puppy once or twice a day and while there, give them fuss, feed them, give them a toilet break, and clear up any mess left behind. Whilst there our friendly staff can also teach your puppy some basic training commands free of charge.

Cats don’t like to be moved from their surroundings, so it's much less stressful for them to stay home and receive care from one of our experienced staff. Whilst you are away we can arrange to visit regularly once or twice a day as required. We’ll feed to your specification, provide fresh drinking water, give medication and clean or refresh the litter tray.

Once you have contacted us, we will arrange to meet you in the comfort of your own home. We’ll use the meeting to get to know your pet or pets and to learn of their needs and where certain items are kept in the house. The Home Visit service is very flexible and can be tailored to you and your pet’s requirements. Each visit lasts up to 30 minutes, allowing enough time for your pet to get some individual attention too.