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Behaviour Problems and Private Training

If you wish to book training sessions, please contact Lauren directly for information on behavioural help.,

If you have a particular behavioural issue with your dog that you would like to address, a behaviour consultation is the perfect starting point for you. Undesirable dog behaviour can include, but is not limited to:
– Separation anxiety
– Jumping up at guests
– Pulling on the lead
– Poor recall
– Chasing cars/cyclists/joggers etc.
– Constant tail chasing
– Aggression with food or toys

_Anxiety towards other dogs or people
Whatever it is that you would like help with, a consultation can be arranged in your home to start addressing the problem.


After a phone call or email to our trainer you will be booked in to be seen as soon as possible. A brief phone consult is taken for free so any immediate issues can be addressed as well as organisation for the visit.

Home Visit

The first thing we will do is take a full history of your dog, and their background and the behaviour that you would like corrected. A demonstration of the issue behaviour is generally helpful but not a necessity. We will then get to work straight away, mapping a time line of events, gaining your dog's vet history and putting a training plan in place for you. During this visit we will also get straight to work showing you the training methods used to help your dog with their behaviour problems, We also look to book you in for your follow up session which is usually around 2 weeks after the home visit, you will also receive your training plan usually within 48hrs of your home visit.

Follow up training

This is where we come to see the progress that is being made from following the training plan and also check any management put in place to make sure it is still correct for the dog. We will also look at your training with the dog and advise on any queries you may have. The follow up training can be done at your home, a meeting place or in our private training field, depending on the problems we are working through.

Within the consultation price you also get full email support for the duration of your training and progress check-ups.


The Institute of Modern Dog Trainers

Founder: Steve Mann 

"With over 400 people trained every year in the UK and internationally, the IMDT is one of the fastest growing professional dog training associations. The IMDT represents the cutting edge in reward-based dog training. Whether you are looking for a training class for your puppy or adult dog or seeking expert advice on behavioural issues it can be difficult to know who to go to for help. IMDT trainers use the most up-to-date science based dog training techniques that are proven to be effective and have the dog’s welfare at heart. Our trainers will work with you and your dog to improve communication and help you to bring the best possible out of your dog." 
The Institute for today's dog trainers and behaviourists 2013